ABOUT US Who are we?

Greenlife Seed is an agricultural company that was founded in 2007 in Manisa, Turkey. Greenlife is a sister company to Polen Seed which was founded in 1998. We deal with different field, and feed crop seeds in Turkey, and internationally for 20 years. Our product portfolio, and Research Program is %100 GMO-Free.

At first, we have concentrated on hybrid seed corn, following with different field, and feed crop seeds, expanding our product portfolio over the years. Our priority is to generate new elite products to serve our growers domestically and internationally to maximize their yields.

Our purpose is to enable our growers to maximize yields, and quality through providing true information, using latest technology, and offering competitive products for their conditions. Our companies continuously invest in R&D every year to generate top of the line products. This is the most important factor for our growth in the past, and years to come.

We use the latest technology equipment, techniques to produce our seeds with top quality. Our state of the art seed processing facility has a capacity of 1 million Units (50tk). Seeds processed in our facility has been exported to 20 different countries in 2018 for both commercial and trial purposes.

Polen Seed has gained respect of the global seed sector, and created excellent reputation by providing seed production, and processing services with the highest quality, and confidentiality over the years.

Besides internal efforts, our company cooperates with many domestic, international universities, and research institutes in order to support our R & D program. In addition to our corn breeding program, we have extensive product development programs for soybeans, sunflower, alfalfa, Italian ryegrass, grain sorghum, sorghum x sudan grass, and sweet corn in many countries.

Annualy, our company is testing around 1.500 new hybrids under stress conditions in different regions of the World in order to reach the target market share. We continuously work to generate new products that will perform under tough conditions in order to maximize our growers’ income.